The Viking Marée sales team presents a wide range of seafood throughout the year that offers a seasonal variety of species caught along the Normandy coast. We favour local produce to guarantee an exceptional, high quality product to our clients. We have made a selection of our favourite products that are just too delicious to miss.



We have chosen four types of shellfish, all essential elements of a seafood platter. The inevitable king crab, the quintessential spring food and hotly sought-after spider crab, not to mention the lobster available all year round, especially in the summer and over the holiday season!

Fine foods

We have selected for you a few preserves produced by local artisans who create exquisite fish soups and delicious foods to accompany pre-dinner drinks, or to eat as either a starter or main course, such as our mackerel rillettes or marinated mackerel. The main ingredients of these products come from local farmers and regional fishermen.
The products are entirely hand-made and do not contain any colourants or preservatives.